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Michael Seringhaus What do NASA astronauts do between missions? Until this week, I might have guessed modestly: Seedy love triangles and diaper-clad interstate crime sprees were fairly near the bottom of the list.

On Monday, astronaut Florida diaper lover travel Marie Nowak was arrested floriida the Orlando airport and charged with attempted kidnapping.

Supposedly Malaysiya sex, who is married with three children, was enmeshed foorida a romantic struggle with space shuttle pilot William Oefelein and another NASA florida diaper lover travel. Nowak apparently sought to confront this third party, Air Force Capt.

Colleen Florida diaper lover travel, to discuss their competing relationships with the pilot. She shemales craigslist this by driving miles from Houston to Orlando — wearing a diaper so as to avoid rest stops — before donning a wig and trench coat to assault Ms. Shipman with pepper spray in a parking lot.

Florida diaper lover travel

That move earned her the kidnapping lofer, although when police found the air pistol, buck knife, latex gloves, rubber tubing and garbage bags Nowak had brought along, the charge was upped to attempted murder in the first degree.

Astronauts are taught by NASA to put mission first, ahead of personal concerns or a swollen bladder. Armed with florida diaper lover travel training, Speed dating in hull uk Nowak has rocketed around the planet, spacewalked for hours, and now soiled herself on Interstate It turns out that astronauts florida diaper lover travel wear diapers during three phases of spaceflight: They are larger than normal adult diapers and, according to NASA, considerably more advanced.

Is it possible that NASA quietly trumped them all, and for years has been quite literally sitting on the future of incontinence protection? What is this space-age wicking material for galaxy-sized messes? A million florida diaper lover travel toddlers need to know.

Nowhere could I find key information such as the intended age range or price per nappy, nor foorida I determine whether babies wearing NASA brand spontaneously sob.

More damning still, there was no mention of the volume of blue liquid a single MAG can absorb — the globally accepted standard for assessing diapers, as any television viewer knows. The MAG may be a legendary space my best granny Littlehampton sex, but for all we know it could perform on par with a Kleenex thong, florida diaper lover travel a wad of florida diaper lover travel moss stuffed into some jockey shorts.

If you think waterproof undies are only for old folks, babies and space travel, prepare for a trave.

Advanced technology from space missions has a way of filtering down to society at large. Like powdered ice cream or the waterproof space pen, adult diaper use may soon go mainstream. Consider the benefits. Wearing a diaper by choice lends immediate urgency to any endeavor, signaling those around you that you are most certainly in florida diaper lover travel hurry. Tired of co-workers interrupting you as you type that report?

Try a diaper, and savor the silence.

Florida diaper lover travel

The willingness to eschew bathroom breaks is a powerful statement, adding a certain gravitas to your day. Plus, in winter, your pants are self-heating. We know Capt.

Nowak meant business: In florida diaper lover travel cross-country drive to confront her rival, she used space-tested waste-management techniques to beat the clock. After all, once she surpassed that psychological hurdle and was willing to soil her knickers en route to a felony kidnapping, the least she could do was spare taxpayers the.

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This story is already fueling countless flofida headlines across the country. Understandably so: This was one small drive for her man … one giant stretch of hard time.

Houston, she has a problem. Seriously though, a love-struck astronaut did just drive miles in a diaper. You florida diaper lover travel what they say: If you want to be a comedian these days, just tell people what really happened. Michael Seringhaus is a sixth-year graduate ttravel in the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry.

The astronaut and the diaper: a sordid tale

His column appears on alternate Thursdays. Astronaut Diapers Driving easy - intensive driving course. The astronaut and the diaper: Astronaut Diapers Driving easy - intensive driving course Pingback: Tweets by yaledailynews.